BArich Hardware Ltd. A bathware, bath accessories and kitchenware supplier in Taiwan.
Why did BArich startThe first generation of Taiwanese entrepreneurs flourished from 1975 to 1985. Unfortunately, most of them are over the age of 65 and retired. In order to continue the legacy and uplift the Taiwanese economics, we think we should stand up and rise above as the 2nd generation. We are young, creative, passionate businessmen around the age of 35, each with unique sets of skills and backgrounds. On top of this, as Taiwanese, we are also honest, thoughtful, hard working, trusted and friendly. It will be worthwhile for you to work with us for the next 25 years.
Why is BArichBArich is our company name with our spirit. B stands for "Best", A stands for "Associates". With "Best Associates: Rich" in mind, we continue seeking outstanding partners and developing long term fruitful and mutual relationships with them.​Our mother company, a factory, has been in builder& hardware industries for over 30 years. It provides the trading companies with OEM and manufacturing services for worldwide markets. In order to offer more direct services to the markets, BArich was established.
What differences does BArich haveSince one of the founders was from ITC industry, we focus on bringing the efficiency and convenience via technology to make us more competitive in builder& hardware industries. If you are planning to work with a reliable source for the next 30 years, we will be your number one choice. Let's innovate the Builder & Furniture hardware industries together.
What does BArich want to doFor quality and service assurance, we believe by approaching and hand-selecting the finest clients are the best way to generate valued businesses for everyone. 


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