BArich Taiwan-The majority of Taiwan companies have no problem employing first time job seekers, but would prefer that the applicants have some practical experience and professional certification or license, according to a poll by TaiwanJobs website.

The poll found that 90 percent of enterprises are willing to hire first time job seekers who are eager to learn, can perform well under stress, can think logically and have specialized knowledge and skills.

More than 60 percent of the firms, however, said they do not care about the educational level of first-time job applicants, while among the 38.70 percent of firms that said they do care, 77 percent specified that they would prefer college graduates.

More than one-third of the companies surveyed said they prefer to hire first-time employees who have had some practical experience or have at least worked at part-time jobs and hold professional certification or license.

The employers in the survey identified four main areas in which first time employees can do better.

They said such workers tend to leave their jobs too soon, are not proactive about learning, perform poorly under stress, and lack a sense of responsibility.

The companies advised that first time job seekers try to obtain an understanding of the firms and positions they are seeking to enter, gain some sense of career direction, seek to gain competence in some specialized area, and learn to admit their own mistakes.

On the question of the most valuable assets job seekers could possess, the companies said self-discipline, communication and negotiation skills, specialized competence and problem solving ability.

The TaiwanJobs website, managed by the Labor Ministry's Workforce Development Agency, conducted the survey by phone in March among some 1,124 companies, 80 percent of which were employing 30 or more workers. 


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