Industry News-Tips for remodeling a smaller bathroom

BArich Hardware-Here are three favorite areas to address with smaller bathrooms. But much of this information can apply to larger bathrooms, as well.

1. Start with the basics. Storage and ventilation are key areas to address. Incorporate storage space with fixture space. Wall shelving above the toilet tank and vanity space under the sink can be two nice storage areas. Also, open space can be tight in a small bathroom, so make sure you install a good exhaust fan.

2. Keep it light. White, off-white and almond can be nice color choices for small bathrooms. Light colors can help hide water splash marks and keep the room nice and bright.

3. Upgrade the fixtures. Plumbing fixtures with all the bells and whistles may offset the feeling of being in a smaller space. Installing a state-of-the-art shower head with a built-in music speaker can make you feel like you’re living large in your newly remodeled bathroom.


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